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My H-Bridge consume 3ma@3.3v when there is no load and both inputs are zero,

    How can i reduce it ?
    my goal is <100uA
Q2 and Q8 are SS8550 and Q3 and Q9 are SS8050, other Qs are 2N2222A


IR2110 H-Bridge Driver Project

The current flows through the load M – Motor in one direction when S1 and S4 switches are closed and current flows in the other direction when S2 and S3 switches are closed.


The components that realize the switching action are commonly transistors. Two types of transistors, NPN and PNP for BJTs, N-Channel and P-Channel for MOSFETs are needed for the proper biasing where the high side is P-type and the low side is N-type.

In this project, we use MOSFETs because of their high switching speed and low RDS resistance for low heat dissipation. H-Bridge configuration requires both P and N type MOSFETs but since N-type MOSFETs have improved electrical characteristics, using only N-type for four of the transistors will be ideal. IR2110 half bridge MOSFET and IGBT driver IC allows us to do this. By using a boost-up capacitor, it can bias the high side N-type MOSFETs so we get rid of the P-type.