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This circuit Tone Control Stereo you can ajustable bass , mid range and treble. It use IC NE5532.
Supply Volt min 12V 80mA. Easy to build, PCB small.



This develops a single-chip microcomputer intelligence controller for the minor gas-fired boiler which is domestic heating equipment on the basis of investigation of heating demand widely. The research goals are to to improve the control quomodo of domestic heating, to increase economics of heating, to ameliorate living service facilities of people.



0℃, U O=0V;100℃, U O=5V.
I2 =I0+ I1 ,    U O= I1•(W3+R3)
 0℃ ,  I 2= 273.15µA,   U O=0V,
I1=0 ,I0=12=273.15µA,
R 2+W2=2.5V÷ 273.15µA =9.15KΩ
R2=9KΩ,  W 2=400Ω.

100℃, U O=5V,
12=273.15µA +100µA=373.15µA,   I 0+11=373.15µA ,  I0=273.15µA,   I 1=100µA,
 R3=47KΩ,  W 3=5KΩ.
0℃,  P 2  :  UO=0V;  AD590 :   100℃,   W 3,  U O=5V.



74HC595 8 bit shift register


An in depth tutorial on the use of the 74HC595 8 bit shift register.
OK, so say you have this crazy cool idea where you need to control a ton of LEDs (I know, I know… LEDs). You looked at the multiplexer article, and that was great, but this idea is so cool, you need individual control of each LED, and turning them on one at a time just won’t do. Well again, we are here to help, and now it’s time to introduce you to the Shift Register. Not just any shift register, the super cheap, incredibly awesome 74HC595 8-bit Shift Register!