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  The following CD4017 circuits have not been tested and is presented here as a possibility only. If you experiment with this circuit, please send me any problems found so that the circuit can be updated.

  The following circuits are designed to change the duration of each positive output pulse from the astable timer. The circuits use a CD4017 Decade Counter / Decoder to provide nine or ten steps in the cycle.

  The first circuit operates with a repeating ten step cycle. Each output pulse is longer than the previous until a count of ten is reached at which time the cycle will repeat.

  The second circuit has a nine step cycle that stops at the end of the cycle. The cycle is restarted or reset when the RESET input is briefly made high.

  The CD4017 can be configured to give count lengths between 1 and 10. Refer to the timing diagram in the CD4017 data sheet for a better understanding of the IC’s operation.



counters are used in most of all digital devices like digital clock, camera, CD/DVD recorder, mobiles etc. to count sequence in the form of pulse. and many project required a counter for counting sequence according to need of project. So in this part we are going to make a Decade Counter using CD4017 IC

Let imagine you want to make a project which count how many times a switch pressed or how many people enter in room. Projects of this type are need a counter to count pulse generated by sensor or by pressing of switch. There are many type of counter based on difference aspects like decade or 4 bit counter, synchronous or asynchronous counter, Up/Down counter, so you need to choose according your project. here we go with decade counter using CD4017
CD4017 decade counter.