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My H-Bridge consume 3ma@3.3v when there is no load and both inputs are zero,

    How can i reduce it ?
    my goal is <100uA
Q2 and Q8 are SS8550 and Q3 and Q9 are SS8050, other Qs are 2N2222A



The figure shows the MAX773 connected to provide 100-V output at 10 mA, with 24-V to 28-V input. Figure shows the calculations for selecting the RSHUNT vaLue. RSHUNT should be selected so that ISHUNT is greater than 1 mA, but less than 20 mA. If the calculated shunt regulator current exceeds 20 mA, or if the shunt current exceeds 5 mA, and less shunt-regulator current is desired, use the circuit of Fig. This provides increased drive and reduced shunt current when driving N-FETs with large gate capacitances. Use an ISHUNT of 3 mA. This provides adequate biasing current for the circuit, although higher shunt currents can be used. Notice that the shunt regulator is not disabled in the shutdown mode, and continues to draw the calculated shunt current. To prevent the shunt regulator from drawing current in the shutdown mode, place a switch in series with the shunt resistor.See Fig. for component suppliers.


MAX773 MUR115 SI9420DY 2N2222A 2N2907A