See Figure 1 in the LM1117 data sheet for connections for the ‘-ADJ’  version. Note that the LM1117 GND/ADJ pin does not go to GND in the adjustable configuration


You did not mention exact package type, but the pin#’s narrowed the possibilities. For your application, the connections should look like this

Pin 1 = ADJ feedback pin

Pin 2 & TAB = Vout pin

Pin 3 = Vin pin

The seemingly low values for R1 and R2 are correct and are to ensure that the minimum load current requirement is always met, and keeps voltage errors due to the Iadj current at a minimum. The TAB=Vout  is the same as Pin 2=Vout on the TO-220, TO-263 and SOT-223 packages, do not connect the TAB to GND.