The transistor MMBT3904 is designed for general purpose amplifier applications. It is housed in the SOT–323/SC–70 which is designed for low power surface mount applications.

MMBT3904 maximum ratings: (1)Collector–Emitter Voltage VCEO: 40 Vdc; (2)Collector–Base Voltage VCBO: 60 Vdc; (3)Emitter–Base Voltage VEBO: 6.0 Vdc; (4)Collector Current — Continuous IC: 200 mAdc.

MMBT3904 features: (1)Total Device Dissipation TA = 25℃ PD 150 mW; (2)Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient RθJA 833 ℃/W; (3)Junction and Storage Temperature TJ, Tstg –55 to +150 ℃.