The L6562 is designed as one kind of two-phase current mode, PWM control IC together with companion gate drivers. This device can be used in low output voltage, high current DC/DC converters, Intel® tualatin processor voltage regulator and VRM8.5 modules.

Features of the L6562 are:(1)two-phase power conversion;(2)precision channel current sharing;(3)precision CORE voltage regulation:±0.8% accuracy;(4)microprocessor voltage identification input:5-bit VID input, 1.050V to 1.825V in 25mV steps, programmable “droop” voltage;(5)fast transient recovery time;(6)over current protection;(7)high ripple frequency, (channel frequency times number of channels):100kHz to 2MHz.

The absolute maximum ratings of the L6562 can be summarized as:(1)supply voltage (Vcc):-0.3V to 15V;(2)CS+. CS-:-0.3V to Vcc+0.3V;(3)PWRGD:-0.3V to Vcc;(4)all other inputs and outputs:-0.3V to 5V;(5)ESD rating human body model (per MIL-STD-883 method 3015.7):TBD;(6)ESD rating machine model (per EIAJ ED-4701 method C-111):TBD;(7)maximum lead temperature (soldering 10s) (SOIC-lead tips only):300℃;(8)maximum storage temperature range:-65℃ to 150℃.